Applied Business Administration and Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)


Both industrial engineering and business management skills are taught in this interdisciplinary study programme. The applied undergraduate training is carried out either with a specialization in production or in the energy industry and energy logistics.

The demand for industrial engineers will continue to grow steadily. The expertise and relevant skills that graduates of the bachelor’s programme will acquire will enable them to solve interdisciplinary and cross-departmental tasks, in particular in the area where technology and business management intersects. The degree is internationally recognized.

Professional Fields of Activity

  • Manufacturing and production in all industrial areas
  • Energy
  • Factory planning and maintenance
  • Logistics and materials management
  • Quality control, marketing and distribution
  • Research and development
  • Managerial responsibility in middle management

Further postgraduate opportunities

Applications and Admissions

Admissions Requirements

Advanced technical college entrance qualification or General university entrance qualification (Abitur)

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