Dipl.-Ing. Kiduk Moon


Module 11-1-34
for "Umweltingenieurwesen (Environmental Engineering)" (Master)
- Seminar UVP & SUP (Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment)

Module 41-2-16
for "Landnutzung und Wasserbewirtschaftung (Land Use and Water Management)" (Bachelor)
- Seminar Umweltplanung (Environmental Planning), Geographic Information System


Kim, S., Kim, S.,Kim,D.,Oh, S.,Moon,K.,Lee,Y.,Choi,M. (2011)
A Study on the Improvements of Development Control Considering the Changes of Urban Policy Paradigm (도시정책 패러다임 변화에 따른 토지이용규제방식의 개선방안 연구)
Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements, ISBN 978-89-8182-887-5

Moon,K. DOWNES, N., STORCH, H.(2011)
The Development And Classification Of Ho Chi Minh City's Urban Structure Types, In: 5th IAPS International Symposium 2011, Daegu Korea.

Moon, K. (2010)
Determining Potential Areas for Mitigation of Climate Change Risks in Ho-Chi-Minh City, In: EKC2010, Springer Proceedings in Physics, 2011, Volume 138, 1-7, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-17913-6_1

DOWNES, N., STORCH, H., RUJNER, H. and MOON, K. (2010)
Urban Sustainability in Times of Changing Climate: The Case of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In: E-Proceedings: 46th ISOCARP Congress 2010 "Low Carbon Cities", Nairobi Kenia. 8 pp., Case Study Platform: www.isocarp.net and Congress CD, The Hague: ISOCARP.

GIS-basierte Kopplung des Abflussbildungsmodells ABIMO mit dem stadtstrukturellen Planungsinformationssystem von Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). In: Strobl, J., Blaschke, T. und Griesebner, G. (Hrsg.) Angewandte Geoinformatik 2010, Beiträge zum 22. AGIT-Symposium, Salzburg, 545-551, Heidelberg: Wichmann, ISBN: 978-3-87907-495-2.

MOON, K.; DOWNES, N.; RUJNER, H. and STORCH, H. (2009)
Adaptation of the Urban Structure Type Approach for Vulnerability Assessment of Climate Change Risks in Ho Chi Minh City. In: E-Proceedings: 45th ISOCARP Congress 2009 "Low Carbon Cities", Porto, Portugal. 7 pp., Case Study Platform: www.isocarp.net and Congress CD, The Hague: ISOCARP.

MOON, K.; STORCH, H.; DOWNES, N. und RUJNER, H. (2009)
The Urban Structure Type Approach as a dynamic analysis and planning module for urban scale climate change and development scenarios. In: Gnauck, A.; Luther, B. (Eds.) : ASIM 2009 -20th Symposium Simulation Techniques, September 2009 (Extended Abstracts) (Full-Paper on CD). Pp. 281-285. Aachen: Shaker. ISBN 978-3-8322-8509-8

STORCH, H.; DOWNES, N.; MOON, K. and RUJNER, H. (2009)
Downscaling Climate Change Impacts to the Urban Area of Ho Chi Minh City using an Urban Structure Type Approach. In: Wohlgemuth, V., Page, B. and Voigt, K. (Eds.) (2009) EnviroInfo 2009. Environmental Informatics and Industrial Environmental Protection: Concepts, Methods and Tools, 23rd International Conference on Informatics for Environmental Protection - Volume 2: Workshops. Pp. 329-337. Aachen: Shaker. ISBN 978-3-8322-8397-1

STORCH, H.; MOON, K. und RUJNER, H. (2009)
Entwicklung eines stadtstrukturellen Planungsinformationssystems zur Bewertung von Anpassungsstrategien an den Klimawandel in der mega-urbanen Region Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam In: Josef Strobl, J., Blaschke, T. und Griesebner, G. (Hrsg.) (2009) Angewandte Geoinformatik 2009,Beiträge zum 21. AGIT-Symposium Salzburg, XVI, S. 486-491, Wichmann : Heidelberg. ISBN 978-3-87907-480-8

STORCH, H.; DOWNES, N. and MOON, K. (2009)
Climate Change and the Resilience of Megacities in South-East-Asia. Creating Risk-Based Climate Change Information for Ho Chi Minh City's Settlements. In: Schrenk, M., Popovich, V. V., Engelke, D. and Elisei, P. (Eds.) (2009) Cities 3.0: Smart, Sustainable, Integrative. Strategies, Concepts and Technologies for Planning the Urban Future. Proceedings REAL CORP 2009, pp. 45-54, Sitges : CORP , ISBN: 978-39502139-7-3


LEE, Y.; MOON, K. (2008) 라멘플란의 실체와 국내 적용가능성에 관한 연구
A Study on a master plan in Germany and its Applicability to Korea,Korea Research Institutefor Human Settlements, ISBN 978-89-8182-538-6

Additional Business

Workshops and Excursions for Korean-Delegation ( informal planning framework, ecological concept and planning framework, anti-nuclear movement) since 2007

KODEG UG (haftungsbeschränkt), KOrea DEutschland Green Project Management

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