Research-oriented Information and Media Technology
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)


Information- and  communication systems  of today are controlled by functions and algorithms implemented in software. Software running on embedded computers controls tools, appliances, cars planes and factory automation systems. However, unlike traditional “computer science” systems, such embedded computing and controlling devices must run on timing limits, in bad climates, and within harsh environments.
Therefore engineers working on embedded software systems must be computer scientists as much as electrical engineers. They must be able to think in hardware and software, and they must know the basic methods and concepts of both sides.
“Information and Media Technology” (IMT) as a program of studies therefore matches real life more than either electrical engineering or computer science alone. Therefore IMT students are pretty much on the main line of what European industry needs.  No danger of getting jobless.
IMT is a challenging program of studies, since candidates have to learn EE and CS more or less in parallel, also with respect to mathematical foundations. At least students have the chance for some specialization already during the last year of the Bachelor program. For example, we offer audio / video systems, computer graphics, information systems, and computer networking. Also web-design and legal basics of media are offered.
And BTU-CS has its own campus TV. Managed and produced by students of IMT.

Professional Fields of Activity

  • Software companies
  • Work in media houses, IT consulting
  • Operation and maintenance of multimedia systems
  • Multimedia agencies
  • Internet service providers

Further postgraduate opportunities

Applications and Admissions

Admissions Requirements

  • General higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) or
  • Vocational higher education entrance qualification (Fachabitur)
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