Internship Abroad

Would you like to participate in an obligatory or voluntary internship abroad? In the some study programmes, internships are an integral part of the curriculum and most often can be completed abroad. The preparation times are normally shorter than that of an exchange study abroad. The duration and date are flexibly decided. An internship abroad can be integrated in any part of your study and are crucial recruitment criteria in the job market.

Link zu einer externen Seite The Leonardo-Büro Brandenburg supports internships abroad for students from 7 Brandenburg universities in other European countries through the EU ERASMUS+ education program.

The PROMOS - Program provides financial support for non-European abroad internships of BTU students.

Link zu einer externen Seite IAESTE – Lokalkomitee Cottbus – Student exchange organisation for supervised and paid internships abroad

External Offers:

Link zu einer externen Seite The ASA-Program encompasses 4 partial programs that offer project internships worldwide.

Link zu einer externen Seite The DAAD offers a good overview site of the study placement programs and financial support opportunities.

Link zu einer externen Seite DAAD Internship Program „Experience Russia” (Russland in der Praxis)

Link zu einer externen Seite AIESEC organises and arranges international internships in the areas, management, IT, social or education department worldwide.