Study in the USA with the Fulbright programme

What is the objective of a Fulbright exchange?

"The experience of living and studying in another country transformed the way I looked at the world and influences my whole life." (J.W.Fulbright, US Senator)

The Link zu einer externen Seite exchange programme named after the American Senator J. William Fulbright supports academic and cultural dialogue with the U.S.A. The Fulbright Programme is held in high esteem around the world.

The Fulbright Commission assists scholarship recipients apply for studies at professionally selected and accredited American universities. The universities are especially hospitable to Fulbright scholars, opening up new professional and personal prospects. Involvement in the international network of Fulbright scholars facilitates making contacts and friends with scholars from around the world.

Programmes for German students and graduates

Full and partial Fulbright scholarships: Once a year,Link zu einer externen Seite  full and partial scholarships are awarded (receivables include, among other things: partial financing of tuition and living expenses, assumption of transatlantic travel costs, arranging study placements, participation in preparatory meetings). The call for applicants corresponds to study grants that begin in the American fall semester of the following calendar year.

Fulbright travel scholarship: Once a year, receivables include among other things; travel costs to and from the location of the American university, participation in preparatory events and conferences and feeless visa applications. The call for applicants is open for seven weeks beginning at the Link zu einer externen Seite start of December and ending with a deadline in mid-January. Travel scholarships correspond to the American academic year which begins the following August or September at the American universities.

Leaders in Entrepreneurship: Students studying engineering sciences receive during a three-week-long visit in March, an immediate overview of engineering studies and study routines at an American college. 

Fulbright Doctorate Programme: Young researchers with German citizenship, who are planning to work on a research project at a university or scientific institution in the United States that is linked to their started dissertation at BTU, can receive funding for their stays abroad (four to six month scholarship). Link zu einer externen Seite The application deadline for a stay abroad starting in April/May of the following year is the 15th of September, for a study abroad starting in October the 15th of March of the same year.