Go East

The DAADLink zu einer externen Seite  „Go East“ programm is open to all German students, irrelevant of study field or study programme (Diplom, Magister, state exams, bachelor and master programmes). DAAD grants Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funds to German universities to send German students to cooperating universities in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe as well as to the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Goal of the study abroad:

German students should integrate themselves as much as they can in the student life of their host universities during their studies abroad and depending upon individual language skills, either participate in the university’s normal course offerings or in courses offered in English or German for international students. Students should aim to acquire proof of their academic performances from host universities at the end of their studies abroad.


To ensure that students studying abroad receive both academic and social support at host universities, partnerships of some kind need to exist between home and host universities (e.g. university partnerships, institute partnerships, ERASMUS collaborations, partnerships between chairs or academic collaborations of individual professors). Host institutions demonstrate agreement to the condition of providing academic and general support by officially inviting foreign students.

Time periods of financial support:

Financial support for language course allowances and monthly scholarships can be issued between 1st August and 28th February (Winter Semester) as well as between 1st January and 31st July (Summer Semester). Students should orient the time periods of financial support they apply for to the typical lecture periods in their respective target countries.

Application process:

  • Universities and institutes can apply for scholarship allocations if, for example, it is mandatory or strongly recommended within the framework of bachelor or master programmes for students to study abroad at partner universities in the respective “Go East” region.
  • A student interested in studying abroad through the “Go East” programme can also reach out to a potential project manager who would accordingly arrange for an application to be sent to DAAD.

Location to apply:

Students submit applications to chairs / project managers at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg.

Experience reports:

For further information about the application procedure as well as the stay abroad, take a look at the following experience reports:


Please note that based on past experiences and requests, additional possibilities are offered to German students through the “Go East” initiative. The “Go East” programme serves not as a replacement for standard DAAD programmes but as an additional option. Information on all of the respective programmes can be found in the Link zu einer externen Seite DAAD-Stipendiendatenbank as well as in the brochure “Studies, research, teaching abroad: Financial support options for Germans”. In contrast to the standard DAAD programmes, individuals may not apply for „Go East“ studies abroad; applications may only be submitted by German universities.