The PROMOS Mobility Programme Scholarships for BTU students to undertake a short stay abroad

What is PROMOS?

In the context of the Bologna Process, one of the central demands of all university stakeholders is the increase of student mobility. Financed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), DAAD’s PROMOS Mobility Programme contributes to greater student mobility by sponsoring short term stays abroad.

Within the framework of the DAAD programme, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg grants PROMOS scholarships to students of all disciplines who are looking to undertake short stays abroad (up to six months).

The programme is aimed at students whose stays abroad are not eligible for any other structured support, such as ERASMUS+ or any other DAAD programme.

What support is offered?

Subject to DAAD approval, BTU grants the following scholarships as part of the PROMOS programme:


Type of scholarshipInformation & Application documents    Application deadlines & Mobility period
Scholarship for a non-European study abroadPROMOS - Study abroad5. January for SoSe
15. May for WiSe
Scholarship for a non-European study-related internship abroadPROMOS - Internship15. February for SoSe
15. July for WiSe
Scholarship for writing a thesis abroadPROMOS - Thesis15. July for WiSe
15. February for SoSe
Scholarship for academic courses (particularly Summer and Winter Schools) for a non-European abroad.PROMOS - Academic Courses15. February
22. March
15. May

Scholarship amounts are based on rates stipulated by DAAD and usually amount to 300 EUR per month (in some countries, up to 500 EUR per month may be awarded). These rates are fixed and cannot be changed. However, the granting of a partial scholarship for a stay abroad is possible (for example, the actual stay is four months, but the PROMOS scholarship is for two). BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg provides financial support for travel costs only in rare occasions.

Please note that PROMOS scholarships will not be granted for stays in any country that has a current travel warning issued by the Federal Foreign Office.

Combination with other scholarships
If you will receive or apply for any additional funding for your stay abroad, including ‘Auslandsbafög’, please review the specific PROMOS programme rules regulating such actions.

DAAD group insurance
During their stay abroad, PROMOS scholarship holders have the possibility to be covered by DAAD group insurance (health, accident and private liability insurance). For more information, please visit here.

The PROMOS program is funded by the DAAD with the means from Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).