Scholarship offers for international BTU students

Studying at BTU is mostly free of (study) charges. Because of this, there are only limited scholarship opportunities for international students. The International Relations Office is nonetheless pleased to be able to award a limited number of scholarships to international students enrolled at BTU.

STIBET I - Scholarship and Support Programme

1.Scholarships for the completion of studies

The study course completion aid help should make it possible for international students to be unburdened by financial worries during preparation for their final exams. The winners are decided by a selection commission in accordance with award criteria and taking into account financial need. It must be recognized that good exam results can be achieved within a year. 

2. Scholarships for specially engaged students:

Basis for funding here is also high academic achievement, but also displaying exemplary engagement in an international context at BTU. What would count toward that would be, for example, social and functional support of foreign students, tandem language cooperation, working with cultural programmes, regional events, etc.

Download:  Call for Applications and application documents

Submission of scholarship applications:

for funding in the summer semester between January 1 and 31
For funding in the winter semester – between July 1 and 31

STIBET - PhD Programme

The goal of STIBET is better care and support for foreign PhD candidates at BTU. Therefore international PhD students can be funded for a period of time by means of research or teaching assistantships. The teaching and research assistantships will be advertised once per semester and awarded for the length of maximum 4 months. More information can be found on the website of the Link zu einer externen Seite Graduate Research School (GRS).

Scholarships in the Framework of the Women's Advancement Initiative

The Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg is awarding scholarships to international female students, especially those with family responsibilities, for the year of 2016 in the framework of the Women's Advancement Initiative. The scholarship programme seeks to sustainably improve the equal opportunity of women in all levels of the academic system and to increase the number of female academics in top scientific positions.

Application documents and further information:

Deadline for the application documents is September 5th, 2016

Female Students: Female doctoral/PhD candidates:
 Information and Application forms  Information and application forms
 Evaluation form  Evaluation form

Germany Scholarships at BTU

As part of the scholarship programme of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg awards its students with the so-called "Germany Scholarship".

Further Information: Germany Scholarships at BTU

More (external) funding opportunities: