BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg off“ers refugees the following opportunities to find a way to get into a study programme or to see whether a study programme is the right way to move forward.
These opportunities, with duration of one year, are available to people who

  • have already started a study programme in their home country and had to interrupt it,
  • already have obtained a first academic degree,
  • fulfil the formal requirements to study in Germany and due to fleeing couldn’t begin a study programme in their home country.

Guest Student Programme for Refugees

This is an o“ffer for people who are interested in taking part in lectures to learn new subjects and refresh their knowledge. They can take part in the classes that interest them and they do not need to have any formal requirements. They do, however, need to bring motivation to learn the subject matter and know the language it is taught in. It is not possible to take part in the examination of these modules.

A guest student can take up modules to a maximum of 8 semester hours per week (1 semester hour = 45min).

College for Refugees

Through this o“ffer, people who potentially have interest in joining a study programme later on or continue a study programme and have the necessary requirements can take part in the classes and do the examinations. They should have a university entrance qualification (for a study programme in Germany) and the necessary language requirement (minimum B1 for German and the equivalent for English language). Without these requirements it is not possible to successfully participate in the module and complete the examinations. The credits of the successfully completed class can be then transferred, through the ECTS-Credit system, to the study programme wished to be taken.

In addition to that, it is possible to take part in preparatory courses of the College for Refugees. These preparatory courses provide a great support with refreshing the knowledge of the participants and preparing them for a smoother start into the new study programme.

Both options should give the participants enough time to get the necessary language requirements to apply to study programmes.

Please take note, that an international Secondary High School Diploma alone (ex: from Syria) is not necessarily enough to enter a German University. There are certain criteria that need to be met, for example an extra study year and/or a minimum amount of credit points from the Secondary High School.

More specific information about acceptance into a German university study programme can be found under Link zu einer externen Seite

Please also take note, that there is limited space in these two options offered.