The entire application will be processed by using the platform “Placement Online”.

Please read the following information carefully, compile the required documents or files and upload them to Placement Online.

To begin with, you should complete your online application form and sign up for the program. Thereafter, you will be asked to fill in your personal master data and to upload your application documents.

Please note that we do not start processing your application unless Set _1 is uploaded in full.

Next, you will find an overview of the Erasmus+ procedure promoting and granting your placement abroad, from filing your application, up to receiving your certificate. Overview

Access to Placement Online here

Privacy statement for the use of Placement Online

Information about application forms

The application documents and forms have to be filled in utilising a PC. Handwritten application documents and forms will not be handled. Please make also sure your documents are complete and signed. When uploading your application documents in Placement Online, it is not necessary, that you have found an internship already.


  • Signed CV written in German or English (2 pages max.).
  • Letter of motivation written in German or English, about half a page long. It should show the reasons for applying for an internship abroad, for the choice of the country, what you expect from your internship, desired achievements as well as job-related goals.
  • Performance record.
  • Current confirmation of enrolment.
  • Academic referral (letter of recommendation from your professor or tutor at your former home university) It should contain an assessment of your academic efforts for example in exams and presentations, general qualification for an internship in a foreign country, and if applicable further referrals like social engagement, active interests outside the field of study, etc.

Once you got a traineeship, please upload Set_2 (at least three months before the start of the traineeship).


Please download the documents "Document Download" and fill them out in utilising a computer or typewriter.

  • Form: confirmation of the host institution/ex-ante
    Please send this document to your host institution for them to complete, sign and stamp it. After they have returned the form to you please check if it is complete (all fields have to be filled out), if it corresponds with your arrangement and, if necessary, resolve any discrepancies in consultation with them. Please also verify the specifications concerning your insurance as you are required to take out all insurances not proved by your institution. Make sure that the form is signed by the responsible person of the host company.
  • Form: confirmation of your university

These forms have to be uploaded in Placement Online (at least three months before the start of your traineeship).

Declaration of Insurance Coverage:

  • After you have received the confirmation of the host institution/ex-ante from your company please verify whether (and if yes in which form) your institution covers for your insurance. You can then check our information under Preparation/Insurance which insurances will remain for you to take care of.
    After you have received the final acceptance for a grant from us, please fill out the form Declaration of Insurance Coverage and upload the document in Placement Online.

Privacy Statement for the use of Placement Online

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