Sustainability in research

The BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg sees itself as a research-intensive university with a strong basic and application orientation. It is characterized by the classic features of a technical university. All four profile-forming research fields represented at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg are related to sustainability:

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

In the profile-forming research field "Energy Efficiency and Sustainability", scientists work on efficiency-increasing measures of conventional power plants, but also their flexibilization. This includes the development of energy storage concepts, electromobility and the stability of power grids in the context of the energy transition. Efficient and environmentally compatible drive systems for combustion engines, gas turbines, aircraft propulsion systems and micro gas turbines complete the range of topics. New, optimized building typologies are also being investigated with a view to energy-saving construction and design of buildings. Another focus of this topic area is the automation and digitalization of industrial processes.

Biotechnology, Environment and Health

In the profile-forming research field "Biotechnology, Environment and Health", the focus is on strategies for resource scarcity, environmental and climate changes, the return of infectious diseases and the increase of illnesses due to demographic change. For example, solutions to the challenges of medicine, the environment, and therapy and care for an aging society are being explored.

Smart Regions and Heritage

In the profile-forming research field "Smart Regions and Heritage", scientists research topics that require holistic solution strategies in the course of changes in cities, regions or metropolises. These include processes of structural change triggered by various factors, such as demographic change, which requires innovative concepts for the deconstruction of buildings and reconstruction of the transportation and supply infrastructure of cities. Furthermore, part of the thematic field are cultural and technical values to be explored regionally, up to international world cultural heritage sites.

Cognitive and Reliable Cyber-Physical Systems

The research field "Cognitive and Reliable Cyber-Physical Systems" is of great importance for economy and society. Computers, especially in the form of so-called embedded systems, now permeate many areas of modern life. In addition to basic technologies for embedded and cyber-physical systems, the focus is on research fields such as securing their accessibility, predictability, security and reliability. Furthermore, this research field deals with the interaction of information and communication technology systems with their environment and humans. The goal is to investigate cognitive abilities and their machine implementation in technical systems.

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