The Admissions and Registrar`s Office is closed on 16th October 2017

Due to operational reasons the Admissions and Registrar`s Office at all places of study is closed on 16th October 2017. We ask for your understanding. On Tuesday we are available again for you.

Information for students with 6-digit enrolment number - Online-Portal changeover on August 1, 2017

From August 2, 2017 the use of the self-service functions will only be possible through the Link zu einer externen Seite BTU Online-Portal with the login details of the BTU account (important for administrative documents, registration for examinations, transcripts of records etc.)  

More information about the BTU account:

Link zu einer externen Seite

Receiving e-mails (                

Link zu einer externen Seite 

From August 2, 2017 the Central Account at the Campus Senftenberg and Cottbus-Sachsendorf is to be activated only when needed.

It is required for:

·         Dormitory data network in the student dormitory in Senftenberg or Cottbus Sachsendorf

·         Computer pools in the faculties (if applicable, information through the faculty)

Regulation of repayment of re-registration fee from 2001-2008

Further informations: Regulation of repayment of re-registration fees you find on the Link zu einer externen Seite website of the Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur