Change of Degree Programme and Transfer to another University

Change of Degree Programme

The rules in the Enrolment Rules of BTU Cottbus apply to the change of a degree programme. The team of the Central Study Counseling stands available for support in the decision of the right individual study programme.

How and when may I change my degree programme?
You may apply for a degree programme change during the regular period of application by filing a new application through the online application form. After the deadline for the regular application has passed an application for a degree programme change is only possible through the request form. Please hand in the complete set of required documents:

  • Online enrolment application (signed)
  • Check list Bachelor / Check list Master
  • Copy of the identity card or of the passport
  • Foreign citizenship a copy of a valid residence permit for Germany

Documents which are already included in your study file don’t need to be handed in again.

How do I get academic recognition for the academic work I have already completed and will the modules I did not pass be deleted?
All of your academic achievements which are relevant to your new degree programme will be academically recognized, including both positive and negative grades. This means that passing grades and non-passing grades (including failing grades) will be counted.

For the recognition you will need to contact the Admissions & Registrar’s Office within the first two semesters after your enrolment in the new study programme.

What happens, if it is only possible to enrol in a higher semester?
If the enrolment in the chosen semester is only possible for students in higher semester, you will need a classification of the higher semester from the responsible examination board. For the classification you need to hand in the required documents for the request of academic recognition with your application to the study programme. For each study semester you need at least 24 credit points that can be transferred to the new programme.

Transfer to another University

I plan on switching to a new university. When should I inform the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg to remove me from the enrolment register?
You should submit the request form to be removed from the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg’s enrolment register after you have received a letter of admission from your new university. Up until this point the new university typically does not need to see a certificate verifying your removal from your former university’s enrolment register. The certificate will need to be submitted upon enrolment at the new university.

What happens if I have already paid the Semester Fee for the next semester at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg when I decide to switch to a new university?
The Studentenwerk and Student Council are responsible for refunding Semester Fees. Refund forms can be found at and Please fill out the form and send it to the appropriate address as directed on the form. A separate form for the Semester Ticket also needs to be filled out and submitted. The administrative fee of € 51.00 imposed by the Federal State of Brandenburg cannot be refunded.

Will the academic performances that I have achieved up until this point in my studies be recognized by the new university?
When switching universities you will need to look into all of the respective administrative formalities they require. This also applies to the transfer of recognition for your academic performances (e.g. examinations and courses). Only the new university is able to help you answer this question.


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