Registering for Modules and Examinations

Registering for Modules and Examinations in Modular Degree Programmes

What kind of Module Examinations are there and what are the differences?
There are two types of Module Examinations. The Final Module Examination (MAP) as well as Continuous Assessment (MCA).

Final Module Examination (MAP):
Modules with a Final Module Examination are concluded by either a written exam or an oral exam at the end of the semester.

These modules can also include a prerequisite (e.g. Laboratory practical) in order to participate in the module examination. An acquired prerequisite remains valid for 2 semesters. If the prerequisite has not been met, one shall automatically be deregistered from the Final Module Examination.

Continuous Assessment (MCA):
Modules with Continuous Assessment comprise of several test elements during the semester. Each element shall be graded separately and a final grade shall be formed from the individual points at the end of the semester.

Theses, external internships and excursions are not included in these types of module examinations.

How do I know if it is a module with MAP or MCA? And how do I know whether it is a module with a limited number of participants?
Based on the module description in the
Info-Portal Teaching. All other important information on a module can be found here too.

When do I have to register?
Students need to register for examinations during the first three weeks of lectures period each semester.

For modules with a limited number of participants, students must register two weeks prior the start of the semester.

A registration for a Final Module Examination (after, for example, a deregistration within the specified period) or a registration for a repeat examination of the Final Module Examination is be done at least 1 week before the examination period in which the examination takes place.

When can I deregister from a module?
Deregistration from a module with MCA and therefore from the examination is possible between the first three weeks of lectures period.

Deregistration from modules with MAP is possible up to a week before the examination period in which the exam shall take place.

All dates and deadlines can be found in: Semester Timetable.

How and where can I register/deregister?
Online examination registration is possible at the computer terminals in the main building, room 0.27 or with every computer inside or outside of the BTU that has access to the internet

For which examinations can I register online?
An online registration is generally possible for all examinations in a module including repeat examinations. Exempted from this are final theses, study assignments, study projects, and additional modules. You can register for these and repeat examinations at the registrar's office.

How do I know if my online registration or deregistration was successful?
An automatic email is sent to you summarizing all recent actions taken in your BTU account. The examination will be in yourOnline-Portal under "Registered Examinations".

Should an online registration not be possible, please contact the registrar's office immediately!

Registering for Examinations in Non-modular Degree Programmes

When do I have to register?
Beginning two weeks before the examination interval, registration closes one week before the actual examination date.

How and where can I register?
Personally at the registrar's office

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