Registering for the following semester

Registering and paying semester fees for the following winter semester 2021/22

In order to continue your studies in the following semester, you need to register during the current semester in the registration deadline (see the schedule of events and deadlines). The student's re-registration is completed by transferring the complete semester fee to the university account. A separate written declaration is not necessary. However, if there are any impediments to further studies, the transfer of the semester fee does not lead to re-registration. 

Registration period for the winter semester 2021/22: 25th June to 30th September 2021
The current semester fee is 321,03 Euros.

If you fail to register by the deadline, then you will be automatically expelled from the university.

Remittee: BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg
Bank: Sparkasse Spree-Neiße
Bank Routing Number: 180 500 00
Account Number: 3111103020
IBAN: DE  67180500003111103020
Reference Number/Reason for Transfer for students with Enrolment number 7-digit: Write the number 21224 followed by your enrolment number.
Reference Number/Reason for Transfer for students with Enrolment number 6-digit: Write the number 21299 followed by your enrolment number.

In order to correctly process the transfer of your re-enrolment fee, it is essential that you state the reason for payment precisely using the format mentioned above. 6- and 7-digit enrolment numbers have different reference numbers.

You can print out a remittance slip at the computers in the main building, room 0.27 as of a week before the beginning of the registration period (this slip is already filled out with the appropriate BTU account information)

You can find all of the necessary information for your online transfer at the Online-Portal under Study > Registration Information.

It takes at least four days for your payment to be booked by BTU! When registering, only the date of booking is relevant and not the date on which you initiated the payment. If the payment deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or official holiday, then the deadline is not extended until the next workday (§ 31, Abs. 3, S. 2 Brandenburg administrative proceedings law). 

Your registration for the following semester is complete when your payment is booked by BTU. You may then print a certificate of enrolment for the following semester and get a new validation stamp printed on your chip card!  

If you would like to request a leave of absence or change of degree programme, then you should do this during the registration period. If you change your health insurance company, then it suffices for you to just hand in a certificate from your new health insurance company to the registrar's office.

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