Information Centre

Franziska Schmidt
Tel.: 0355/69-5569
Mail: E-Mail infothek(at)
main building, ground floor

General questions and operations

Application, Admission, Enrolment

Main Campus

Sandra Perez Martin
Tel.: 0355/69-2529; Fax: 0355/69-2648
Mail: E-Mail sandra.perezmartin(at)
Office: main building 0.11

Michael Radke
Tel.: 0355/69-3474; Fax: 0355/69-2648
Mail: E-Mail michael.radke(at)
Office: main building 0.22

Campus Senftenberg and Campus Cottbus-Sachsendorf

Ina Schiefelbein
Tel.: 0355/5818-276; Fax: 0355/5818-258
Mail: E-Mail zulassungen-fh(at)
Room: 7.249 (Cottbus-Sachsendorf)

Melanie Noack
Tel.: 03573/85-733; Fax:
Mail: E-Mail zulassungen-fh(at)
Room: 2.213.1 (Senftenberg)

Study Programmes - Main Campus

Mandy Beyer
Tel.: 0355/69-2734; Fax: 0355/69-3174
Mail: E-Mail mandy.beyer(at)
Office: main building 0.12

Study programmes
Orientierungsstudium International
College +
Urban Design
Building and Conservation
Forensic Sciences and Engineering
Business Law for Technological Enterprises
Doctoral degrees and Ph.D. programmes

Stefan Kober
Tel.: 0355/69-2869; Fax: 0355/69-3360
Mail: E-Mail stefan.kober(at)
Office: main building 0.23

Study programmes
Business Administration and Engineering
Civil Engineering

Edda Miatke-Danusewicius
Tel.: 0355/69-2042; Fax: 0355/69-3178
Mail: E-Mail edda.miatke-danusewicius(at)
Office: main building 0.34

Study programmes
Culture and Technology
Mechanical Engineering
Environmental Engineering D
Process Engineering D
Environmental & Process Engineering

Jennifer Müller
Tel.: 0355/69-2179; Fax: 0355/69-3174
Mail: E-Mail jennifer.mueller(at)
Office: main building 0.32

Study programmes
World Heritage Studies
Civil Engineering
Urban and Regional Planning
Structural Engineering
Heritage Conservation & Site Management

René Noack
Tel.: 0355/69-3231; Fax: 0355/69-3360
Mail: E-Mail rene.noack(at)
Office: main building 0.23

Study programmes
Land Use and Water Management
Environmental Engineering B/M
Process Engineering
Process Technology - Process and Plant Technology
Technologies of Biogenous Raw Material
Renewable Raw Materials

Kathrin Petrik
Tel.: 0355/69-2173; Fax: 0355/69-3177
Mail: E-Mail kathrin.petrik(at)
Office: main building 0.24Kat

Study programmes
Electrical Engineering
Euro Hydroinformatics and Water Management
Environmental and Resource Management
Cyber Security
Power Engineering
Processing Technologies of Materials

Astrid Schankin
Tel.: 0355/69-2178; Fax: 0355/69-3361
Mail: E-Mail astrid.schankin(at)
Office: main building 0.36

Study programmes
Information and Media Technology
Computer Science
Applied Mathematics

Nicole Swantusch
Tel.: 0355/69-2644; Fax: 0355/69-3174
Mail: E-Mail nicole.swantusch(at)
Office: main building 0.32

Study programmes

Christiane Bechler
Tel.: 0355/69-2047; Fax: 0355/69-3174
Mail: E-Mail christiane.bechler(at)
Office: main building 0.10

Study programme
Business Administration

Study Programmes - Senftenberg Campus

Melanie Noack
Tel.: 03573/85-733; Fax:
Mail: E-Mail melanie.noack(at)
Raum: 2.213.1

Study Programmes
Vocational Education for Healthcare Professions
Medical Informatics

Head of the Admissions & Registrar's Office - Main Campus

Denise Liesche
Tel.: 0355/69-2165; Fax: 0355/69-2422
Mail: E-Mail denise.liesche(at)
Office: main building 0.25


Susanne Nobielski
Tel.: 0355/69-2180; Fax: 0355/69-2422
Mail: E-Mail susanne.nobielski(at)
Office: main building 0.26

Head of the Student Services

Head of the Admissions & Registrar's Office - Campus Senftenberg and Campus Cottbus - Sachsendorf

Steffi Guttowski
Tel.: 03573/85-271; Fax: 03573/85-258
Mail:  E-Mail steffi.guttowski(at)
Room: 2.214.1 (Campus Senftenberg)


Nadine Böhme
Tel.: 03573/85-260 / 0355/5818-270; Fax 03573/85-258
Mail: E-Mail nadine.boehme(at)

Head of the Student Services