Psychological consultation Test fears? writer's block? Desperation? Stress?

Most students lack the drive to get involved in their own studies now and then - actually a normal part of their studies. But sometimes the drive is missing for a longer period of time and the question arises as to whether all this still makes sense at all. Some are faced with a huge pile of broken glass after an examination, separation or bereavement. There are also people who would like to learn to say "No!" or who have difficulty giving a presentation in front of others. Some simply don't know what to do.

With these questions, but also with multiple stress and overstrain during studies, good advice is needed. Not every difficulty can be overcome alone. That is why the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg offers professional support in psychological crises.

Contact persons

Psychological counselling of the Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder)

Mrs Annekathrin Schmidt
Appointments (also in English) via the service point of the Studentenwerk
+49 (0) 355 7821 - 456 and - 351

Contact point at the Central Student Guidance and Counselling

Dr. Jonas Neubert
Please make an appointment (also in English, see contact column)
+49 (0)355 69 3211

Further information and offers

Please also note the Offer for learning and examination coaching at BTU.

Further information on contact persons in different life situations and on studying with (mental) diseases is also available on the pages of health management at the BTU.