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ERASMUS exchange students at BTU Cottbus - Senftenberg

You are interested in studying at our university as ERASMUS+ student? We are sure you will have an exciting and successful time at our university.

Which requirements have to be fulfilled?

  • Inter Institutional agreement between BTU Cottbus—Senftenberg and your home university. We can accept ERASMUS+ students only for the specific study programmes which are established in the Inter Institutional agreements. Please enquire at the ERASMUS+ coordinator at your home university; he / she will inform you if an exchange study with BTU Cottbus—Senftenberg is possible.

  • To study in a German-taught course, you are required to have a certificate of the German language proficiency of level B1, because these modules are taught mainly in German. We accept certificates that are issued by your home university or a language school.

  • If you have selected an English-taught course, a certificate of the English language proficiency of level B1 is required. Certificates that are issued by your home university or a language school will be accepted.

The ERASMUS+ code for BTU Cottbus—Senftenberg is: D COTTBUS03

 Information on the application procedure

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 Learning Agreement

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