for students from Germany

Soon after the BTU has received and reviewed your complete set of application documents, you will receive – on the condition that you were accepted – a letter of admission accompanied by further information on starting your studies at the BTU and a request that you pay the Semester Fee.

By paying the Semester Fee you become enrolled at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. Your Chip Card (student I.D. card) and activation code for your BTU account will be sent to you unsolicited through the mail and arrive at least a week before the start of the semester lecture period. If you pay the Semester Fee after the start of the semester lecture period, then your documents will be available for retrieval at the Information Centre on the Main Campus.

The Chip Card serves as a ticket for travels on public transportation in Berlin and Brandenburg and on train route RE18 and RE15 (from summer semester 2015) between Cottbus and Dresden-Neustadt.  The activation code is used to initiate use of your BTU account. By means of your BTU account diverse online self-service functions (e.g. printing administrative documents) are available to you.

An "introductory week" is provided for new students in the week before the start of the semester lecture period. During this week an introductory event is offered for each study programme and it is highly recommended that you attend.

Further information can be found in the brochure “Tipps zum Studienbeginn”, which is sent along with your letter of admission.

for students from foreign countries

Your application will be formally evaluated as soon as your complete documents have been received and the processing fee has been transferred to UNI-ASSIST e.V. In the case of a positive assessment of your qualifications the BTU will send you a letter of admission along with further information regarding the start of your studies at the BTU in Germany.

Your letter of admission from the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg is the most important document for applying for a study visa – you cannot enrol with a tourist visa.

Once you have arrived on campus, you will be greeted at the Welcome and Service Point of the International Relations Office on the fourth floor of the main building. You will be able to officially enrol here as well as receive up to date information and support for your first steps in Cottbus.

We have comprised a few important resources on our website for Incomings in order to ensure proper preparation and a smooth transition to Germany.