Digital Study Orientation We accompany pupils and other prospective students on their way to the decision to choose a course of study! also on online channels.

We invite all prospective students to inform themselves comfortably from home about our courses of study and the study at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. The first contact point for information about the study options is the page for prospective students. Daneben unterstützen wir natürlich auch gerne individuell und persönlich!

The information and advisory services are constantly updated.

Video chat with study advisors to help you decide on your studies

In our information round for prospective students, we provide answers to all questions regarding studying at the BTU. We student advisors* start off in this video chat with a 10-minute information block and then look forward to answering questions. In a casual conversation, we provide prospective students with important information, point out study options and their career prospects, and are available to help them make a well-founded choice of studies.

In addition to basic information on the contents of the BTU's study programmes, the following topics are covered:

  • Choice and decision to study
  • Application, study preparation and start of studies
  • Study conditions and course of study
  • Access to higher education without general qualification for university entrance
Next date25.06.2020
Time:                              3:00 to 4:00 p.m
Link to the video meeting:
Exchange with students on all questions concerning their studies

In direct conversation with students, everything worth knowing about studying is discussed "at eye level".

How to find the right study programme? what to look for when applying? how hard is studying actually? is there time for friends, hobbies and leisure time besides studying? how is it studying in Cottbus and Senftenberg?

Answers are available here in a live chat with students of the BTU!

Next date09.07.2020 
Time:                              3:00 to 4:00 p.m 
Link to the video meeting:  

Further Information

In addition to the information and advisory services listed here, there are also more specific contact points: the university's departments and institutions present the study opportunities and research topics, among other things, on the respective pages of the Study Programmes. Information on admission requirements and application can be found under Application and Admission.

Of course: Just contact us if you have any questions!