Master-thesis is the final and utmost demonstation of our students' academic skills gained during the Urban Design -Revitalization of Historic City Districts Master Programme. The ability to determine a problem pertinent to the field, to plan, strutcure and undertake a scientific research to overcome that problem, and finally to report the process and results in a scentific format are the main requirements of conducting a Master thesis.

Selected Master-Thesis


Alia Alaa Sherif Creative Neighbourhood: Revitalization of Souq Al Silah Street supervised by Prof. Heinz Nagler, Prof. Dr. Alaa El Habashi, Prof. Dr. Hebatalla Abouelfadl

Mary Katherine Walker Sprague Greening Tsukishima: Nature-based Revitalization and Resilience in Tokyo Bay supervised by Prof. Anna Lundqvist and Prof. Dr. Nabil El-Hady


Vinicius Mazzoni Re-thinking an Industrial Historical Site to Support the Urban development of Berlin, Sustainable Living Area between Rummelsburg and Oberschöneweide supervised by Prof. Heinz Nagler and Assoc Prof. Dr. Ebtissam Farid

Natalia Camila Ramirez Arango Green Haras - A Revitalization of Courtyards and its Relation with Public Spaces within the Historic Urban Landscape of Bayt Madkour Area in Historic Cairo supervised by Prof. Dr. Alaaeldin El Habashi and Prof. Anna Lundqvist 

Laura Ximena Vargas Pabon Rediscovery Routes of Memory in Historic Cairo, the Case of Bab Al Bahr Street, Cairo supervised by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ouf and Prof. Anna Lundqvist


Sherine Ahmed Ibrahim Ismaiel Mohamed Revitalization of Athar El-Nabi District Supervised by Prof. Heinz Nagler and Prof. Dr. Shahdan Shabka

Samaher Soliman Physical Interventions in Historic Context, the Medieval Town of Köpenich, Berlin, Germany supervised by Prof. Heinz Nagler and Assoc Prof. Dr. Ebtissam Farid

Heba Ibrahim Mansour Regeneration of Historic Cairo: A Community Based Approach for Bayt Al-Qady Area supervised by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ouf and Prof. Heinz Nagler

Dina El Mazzahi Safeguarding and Developing Kom El-Dikka Urban Heritage District supervised by Prof. Heinz Nagler and Assoc prof. Ebtissam Farid


Rana Sadek Adopting Heritage Conservation Strategy in Prospect to Urban Development, Case study: Kafr Abdou, Alexandria, Egypt supervised by prof. Heinz Nagler and Prof. Dr. Heba Abuelfadl

Anandit Sachev Introducing Sustainable Tourism to the Historic Residential Area of El-Quseir, Egypt supervised by Prof. Dr. Nabeel Elhady and V. Prof. J. Miller Stevens

Lehr- und Prüfungssprache im Master-Studiengang Urban Design - Revitalization of Historic City Districts ist Englisch. Weitere Informationen finden Sie daher auf den englischsprachigen Webseiten dieses Studiengangs.

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