WHS Online

With the study option WHS Online, the prestigious WHS study programme opens its doors to applicants who due to visa, money, work or family issues may not be able or willing to come to Cottbus/Germany for full-time studies on campus. The study option WHS Online is conducted entirely online. Its modules are taught primarily in an asynchronous way that allows students to study more independently, on their own schedule.

The WHS Online curriculum includes:

  • 3 mandatory modules totalling 18 ECTS (Introduction/Coaching, World Heritage Studies - Body of Knowledge, World Heritage in Germany);
  • 8 compulsory-elective modules totalling 48 ECTS;
  • 2 Study Projects totalling 24 ECTS;
  • the Master's Thesis totalling 30 ECTS.

In order to successfully complete the Master's programme, students must achieve 120 ECTS. Graduates are conferred a Master of Arts in World Heritage Studies.

WHS Online will be offered for the first time in the winter semester 2021/22.

Studying Online

WHS Online is taught entirely online. It is conducted primarily asynchronously, incl. through recorded videos, readings, online quizzes and more. Additionally, voluntary live-sessions are offered. The live-sessions allow for in-person exchange and lively discussions, not just with the lecturers, but also with fellow students. In this way, the live-sessions may increase engagement with the subject-matter and motivation. While the possibility to attend live sessions may differ from student to student, we expect that the majority of students will have a better study experience if they can participate in at least some of the live-sessions. Full-time students of WHS Online are advised to aim for approximately five to ten hours of live discussions and consultations per week. The exact scheduling may vary depending on the choice of modules, progress in the semester, personal preferences etc.

It is also possible to study WHS Online part-time.

Tuition Fees

Our university does not currently charge tuition fees for studying in the M.A. World Heritage Studies - neither for the study option WHS On-Campus, nor for the WHS Dual Degree, nor for WHS Online. Students of WHS Online are charged no tuition fees. However, students of all three study options are required to pay a semester fee. For students of WHS Online, this registration and semester fee is reduced to approximately 65 Euros per semester.


International Programmes Digital

The development of the new study option WHS Online has been made possible with funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The executive funding agency is the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), in the funding line "International Programmes Digital (IP Digital)" (2021 - 2022).

No Visa/Residence Permit for Online Studies

Please note that admission to the study option WHS Online does not qualify applicants to receive a visa for the purpose of studying in Germany. Enrolment in WHS Online will not qualify students for a residence permit for the purpose of studying in Germany. German law stipulates that visas/residence permits for the purpose of studying are only issued to students enrolled in full-time, on-campus study programmes. WHS Online - being taught entirely online and not requiring students' presence in Cottbus/Germany - will not make students eligible for a visa or a residence permit for the purpose of studying in Germany.

If you wish to apply for a visa/residence permit for the purpose of studying in Germany, please consider the study option WHS On-Campus.