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The foundation honours the memory of its founder, Dr. Fritz Meyer-Struckmann, who was born in Berlin on October 16, 1908, and who passed away in Essen on October 28, 1984.

After World War II, his outstanding competencies in economic and financial policy contributed greatly to the economic boom in the Federal Republic of Germany. He established the Dr. Meyer-Struckmann Foundation in 1961. After his death, his fortune was bequeathed to the foundation. Meyer-Struckmann was particularly keen on supporting science and research endeavours, especially in the fields of cultural studies and the humanities.

The Foundation’s mission is to promote science and research, youth education and cultural institutions. Since reunification, the Foundation has focused its efforts on the New German Laender.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Gert Kaiser is the Chairperson of the Foundation. Until 2002, Dr. Karl-Wilhelm Graf Finckenstein (Dr. Fritz Meyer-Struckmann’s friend, board colleague and executor) was Chairperson of the foundation; his is currently the foundation’s honorary chairperson.
The Dr. Meyer-Struckmann Foundation is an incorporated foundation under German law; it falls under the aegis of the “Donors' Association for the doctoral studies of Sciences and Humanities in Germany”, Barkhovenallee 1, 45239 Essen.

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Dr. Meyer-Struckmann Science Award of the BTU Cottbus
Applicants from throughout Germany are eligible for the Dr. Meyer-Struckmann Science Award, which the BTU has conferred yearly since 1998. Criteria for selection call for topics that are directly related to core research subjects of the BTU, as well as excellence in scientific performance, practical relevance and topicality of the results and proposed scientific approaches.

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Dr. Meyer-Struckmann Science Prize of BTU Cottbus