Interconnected Control Technology

Within this focus of research the implementation of so called Plug & Produce solutions based on cyber physical systems is investigated. It is planned to investigate simplification potentials of ‘intelligent’ expansion modules and sensors, which are applicable for process monitoring and control (e.g. acceleration sensors for vibration monitoring)

Further work focuses are:

  • Simulation of machine behavior in specific use cases with material removal in offline programming
  • Online control during processing by intelligent sensors, which monitor the vibration as well as force and momentum behavior of the plant
  • Investigation and development of a safety concept with respective certified directives and modular safety devices for the handling of mobile processing machines in versatile environments
  • Innovative operation and programming systems, which obviate the need for an offline designed program and complex recalibration
  • Adaptive control technology for cooperative, hybrid production systems
  • Development and implementation of innovative controlling concepts (e.g. agent based Plug & Produce connections) in a simulation and visualization environment for the simulation of processes and possible error cases with respect to the machine features
  • Investigation and development of standardized HW/SW connections for the Plug & Produce implementation of intelligent sensor technology regarding process monitoring, control and self-optimization