The abstract must be a concise yet comprehensive reflection of your work and should be written after finishing your thesis.

Formal criteria:

  • Grammar tense: Past tense for methods and results, present tense for conclusions and background
  • Describe your work objective and avoid evaluative language
  • Should not contain mathematical equations, tabular material, abbreviations, footnotes, or references
  • Contains just text, no citations.
  • Written as one paragraph and no more than 3.000 characters (inclusive of spaces)
  • Should include meaningful keywords or phrases, to support indexing in search engines and to make it findable.

Components of the abstract:

  • Motivation (Why did you undertake this study or project?)
  • Research methods (What did you do and how?)
  • Results (What did you find?)
  • Conclusions (What do your findings mean?)

Furthermore you should pay attention to simple and understandable language, make sure your abstract reads well and check the text thoroughly for spelling and grammar.