Semester apparatus collection

A semester apparatus includes literature (mainly the University Library) for individual courses of the current semester. Besides books, links and other material can be included.

The books from this collection can not be borrowed and can only be used in the library to enable access to this literature to all students.

Books belonging to a semester apparatus collection are labeled with blue stickers "Semesterapparat". The literature that has been compiled by the teacher can be found in the shelves of the ICMC or in specially marked shelves at the other libraries in Senftenberg and Sachsendorf. The semester apparatus collections are arranged alphabetically by lecturer.

Books belonging to a semester apparatur collection can be found in the library catalogue by the abbreviation "SE" and the number, the teacher name and the corresponding floor are displayed.

Electronic semester apparatus

ESem is the electronic variant for Semester apparatus collections.

Access to the electronic semester apparatus collection
Registration through the BTU-Account.

Important information for teachers for the setup of a semester apparatus collection!