Cyber Security
Zeros and ones as a symbol for IT security oriented study programme Cybersecurity
Master of Science (M.Sc.)


Objective of the international master's programme Cyber Security is to train qualified graduates in the field of IT security who are able to meet the growing demands on cyber security in many areas of the society. It combines computer science content with a strong engineering background in cyber security in theory and practice. Graduates will acquire basic knowledge of the most important principles and methods of cyber security and practical knowledge of their application. They will be capable to design, implement, and manage cyber security concepts. This qualifies them to develop new approaches and methods to protect IT systems and critical infrastructures which correspond to the current state of the art, while respecting the organizational and legal conditions.

Professional Fields of Activity

Graduates will be qualified to take on challenging tasks in industry, administration, and science to implement cyber security strategies or to contribute to the further development of the subject area in research. They expect a favorable labor market situation. There is a significant shortage of IT specialists in industry. The situation for cyber security experts will be particularly critical in view of the disproportionate market growth. Since the need for building secure IT infrastructures is a societal problem, the need for cyber security experts will arise in many areas.

Applications and Admissions

Admissions Requirements

  • Basic prerequisite for admission to the Master's programme is a first qualifying degree (at least Bachelor's degree) or a qualification equivalent degree in a programme closely related to computer sciences.
  • In particular, a Bachelor's degree in computer science, cyber security, or mathematics with subsidiary computer science qualifies. Adequate content of the degree is available if the theoretical, practical, applied, and technical computer science and mathematics education is comparable to the Bachelor's degree course in computer science at BTU.
  • Applicants need a certificate of proficiency in English as described in the language requirements. (Only valid certificates are recognised, we don't accept "medium of instruction certificates".)
    • for applicants with German entrance qualification (Abitur): Your certificate of higher education entrance qualification may also serve as sufficient proof (see "Admission").
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