During the six-semester programme, PhD students shall complete their doctoral thesis. Besides the thesis, the programme comprises an oral examination (defence) to conclude the doctoral studies and a curriculum (modules) in the form of courses, seminars and lectures.

PhD students choose 30 credit points alltogether upon consultation with their supervisor. It is necessary that PhD students are present at the university during the lecture period. Courses are graded in form of exams, presentations, papers or reports.

Every seminar/lecture as well as the doctoral thesis and the defence are graded individually. All grades are included in the calculation for the final grade. A total amount of 180 credits (ECTS) is awarded.

The language of instruction and research is English. Research abroad may be integrated.

The BTU Graduate Research School (GRS) is offering additional workshops for all doctoral candidates at BTU in networking, subject-related qualification, scientific techniques and transferrable skills training. Here you may find the current GRS qualification programme and register for the GRS newsletter.

The following modules are currently part of the PhD Programme

Please note that some modules may not be offered every semester. Most modules cannot be completed during one semester; however, completion within one year is recommended.

Modules may be completed either by individual exams for each tutorial or by a comprehensive module exam. In the latter case, the exam may be held in front of the PhD Committee or a designated group of 1-2 professors as discussion in form of a seminar.

Some modules are offered as block tutorials ½ day to two days each.

11154Formal Methods in System Design6
11155Embedded Software Technology6
11156Processor and SoC Design and Optimization6
11158Hardware Test and Fault Tolerant Computing6
11159System Re-configuration and Repair6
11160Dependable Distributed and Wireless Systems6
11161Stream Data Processing6
11163Dependable Signal Processing6
11164Real-Life Systems6
11886Dependability and Fault Tolerance6
12705Research Colloquium6
12706Status Seminar Dependable Systems12
12707RESCUE PhD Educational Programme6
12721Advanced Seminar12
11375Systementwurf für minimale Verlustleistung6
12406Hardware / Software Codesign für eingebettete Systems6

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