Lecture Series

The lecture series of the DFG (German Research Foundation)Research Training Group ‘Cultural and Technological Significance of Historic Buildings’ offers a platform where current research being undertaken by doctoral students, associated researchers and guests of the college can be presented both to internal university audiences as well as to the interested public.

This entails weekly or bi-weekly individual studies focusing on historic monuments and the processes of their construction and change from antiquity to the end of the 20th century from the perspective of the disciplines involved in the Research Training Group (architectural history, construction history, art history, historic preservation, archaeology and social sciences).

In the public lectures of the Research Training Group ‘Cultural and Technological Significance of Historic Buildings’ at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, selected historical buildings are analysed as bearers of the architectural and technical achievements of their time as well as places of memory for building cultures of the past. In addition to reconstructing important phases of architectural history from antiquity to modern times, the current value of historic buildings is analysed; ‘Why do we place significance on certain historic buildings and not on others?’ and ‘What are the symbols and narratives that play a decisive role in this?

Lecture Series „Wertewandel und gebaute Umwelt - Begriffe und Positionen“

Wed, 29 May 2019
Prof. Dr. Ingrid Scheurmann (TU Dortmund)
Partizipation in der Denkmalpflege. Wunsch, Wirklichkeit oder Bedrohung?

Wed, 5 June 2019
Dr. Jörn Köppler (Köppler Schubert Türk Architekten Berlin + Potsdam)
Erinnerte Schönheit: Architektur

Wed, 26 June 2019
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Sonne (TU Dortmund)
Urbanität als Wert im Städtebau

The events take place on Wednesdays at 6 pm in the museum dieselkraftwerk Cottbus, Am Amtsteich 15, 03046 Cottbus. Entrance is free of charge. After the lectures and the discussion all visitors are invited to a small reception in the foyer of the museum.

Information about past lecture series can be found in the archive.