New Call for Applications: Ten Doctoral Positions at the DFG Research Training Group 1913 at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg

Requirements for applicants

The DFG Research Training Group is aimed at graduates of civil engineering, architecture, urban planning and similar disciplines, who, during their degree and after, can prove in-depth research on historic buildings, constructions and relevant culturo-historical questions. We would also like to encourage graduates in art history, archeology, history and related subjects, who can prove in-depth research of questions regarding historic architecture, specifically in civil engineeringand building technology, to apply. Attended classes, contributions to research projects or own research will be accepted as evidence. Candidates should be able to show good or very good grades in the subjects relevant to the Research Training Group.

Applicants for doctoral research positions will have to meet the requirements for taking up doctoral studies at the Faculty for Architecture, Civil Engineering and Urban Planning at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. These requirements also line out regulations regarding graduates of universities of applied science taking up doctoral studies.

Entry requirements for doctoral studies at the Faculty for Architecture, Civil Engineering and Urban Planning at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg are set out in the Regulations for Doctoral Studies at the Faculty for Architecture, Civil Engineering and Urban Planning in its current version.

Applicants will have to submit an abstract of their planned research project. It should

  • show evidence of a deeper insight into current research
  • include comments on the originality and the scientific gain of the research project
  • explain how the project relates to the Research Group’sprogramme
  • state how findings of the planned research project will contribute to the programme of the Research Training Group and to interdisciplinary discourse.

Information on the application process

Doctoral positions are envisaged for three years’ research time. Should progress have been assessed positively, an extension of 18 months until 31 March 2023 will be granted. Funding for this extension by the DFG until 31 March 2023 has been secured.

At the Research Training Group we communicate in German and English. An appropriate command of both languages is therefore required for the position or the willingness to learn German.

The position is based in Cottbus.

Application for the doctoral position at the Research Training Group consists of two parts:

Description of your project (A) and attachments (B):

A. Description of your project:

The description of your project excluding the cover sheet must not exceed ten pages (Arial 11pt, single line spacing). Content should be structured as follows:

1. German and English Summaries (max. 200 words each). Should your application be successful, this summary will be published on the homepage of the Research Training Group.
2. Current State of Research (please keep it brief, referring directly to your project)
3. Your Preparation Work: Please specify the work you have already done, how will your project contribute to current research?
4. Bibliography: Please only list publications (your own and other) that have been quoted in the description of your project.
5. Aims: Presenting the scientific goals of the project and of the expected findings. Explain how your project will contribute to the fields relevant to the work of the Research Training Group and to its cross-disciplinary topics. Please also specify what contribution you expect the Research Training Group and its members to make in order for the envisaged goals to be reached.
6. Work Programme and Methodology: Please explain in detail how you plan to proceed and your methodology. Should there be any permissions from third parties required for your project, please enclose if possible.
7. Detailed time schedule

Parts 5 (Aims) and 6 (Work Programme/Methodology) should take up the larger part of your description (at least 50%).

B. Attachments

1. Scientific CV containing information on your contribution to relevant research projects (please enclose evidence if required), on scholarships, awards and prizes
2. Bibliography of own publications (please highlight work that is currently being printed or that you are preparing for publication and attach it as pdf)
3. Diplom/Master/Magister Thesis (as a pdf document)
4 Photocopies of certificates and other documents used as evidence according to §4 of the the Regulations for Doctoral Studies at the Faculty for Architecture, Civil Engineering and Urban Planning of BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg
5. A letter of endorsement of one of the participating researchers or the cooperating researchers in terms of the Regulations for Doctoral Studies. Being granted a letter of endorsement does not automatically entail being accepted for one of the positions. You can find a list of the participating researchers and the cooperating researchers on the Research Training Group’s website.
6. If required: Images to illustrate your research project (not more than five)

Any relevant literature has to be referenced in your application and added to the bibliography. It must be possible to understand your proposal without consulting any further literature.

All paperwork (description of the planned research and attachments) has to be submitted in one pdf file in the above-mentioned order. File size must not exceed 10MB.

Applications will start mid October 2019 and run until 11 January 2020. Interviews will be held on 29th January 2020. The positions will start on 1 April 2020.