Design, analysis and detailing of a convertible bending active structure

Author: MA Anthea Schneider

co-supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Achim Bleicher, FG Hybride Constructions - Massivbau, BTU

Bending-active structures are able to perform large movements, without the need for complex mechanical constructions. From easily producible, flexurally soft bars and plates or individually manufactured elements, it is thus possible to produce spatial support structures which, by utilizing elastic material behavior and the stored restoring forces, offer new possibilities for movable structures.

The work is dealing with a structural design for a pavilion with a convertible bending reactive roof structure. The space-forming structure has a stable bearing behavior and a stable movement during the transformation in the open and in the closed state. In order to develop this, one variation out of several design variants on the basis of preliminary studies was investigated and optimized by using parametric software.