Ghaida Ali Abdallat (2016)


Title of the dissertation

Optimizing of Total Nitrogen Removal in Various Vertical Flow Treatment Wetland Designs and Reuse in Jordan 


Prof. Dr. Marion Martienssen, Prof. Dr. Bassim Abbassi, Prof. Dr. Roland Muller

Short Bio

Currently, I am working as a researcher in water and environmental issues at the Centre for Strategic Studies in the University of Jordan (the first university at Jordan). After two years of searching for job vacancy in different institutions and universities at home.

Research interests: ground and surface water, water harvesting, wastewater treatment and reuse, environmental issues related to contamination of water resources and geological hazards in the area (EIA)

What will you remember most of your time at BTU Cottbus and in the PhD Programme ERM?

The flexibility of this programme, the modules in this program especially the research development one, and the most interesting thing that the majority of the student was from different countries which was effective for me to build up new network and be involved with student`s countries challenges.

What advice to you have for prospective PhD candidates at BTU Cottbus?

Enjoy your time during PhD, research and work