Jacob Paul Muhondwa (2016)


Title of the dissertation

Hygienization of Enteropathogens Contaminated Biowaste for Safer Biological Treatments

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Marion Martienssen, Prof. Dr. -Ing. habil. Günter Busch

Short Bio

Jacob Paul Muhondwa (MSc. emQal 2011; PhD. ERM 2016), born in 1978. He is currently employed as a Lecturer in the School of Environmental Science and Technology at Ardhi University (the former University College of Lands & Architectural Studies, UCLAS), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania since 2008. Dr. Muhondwa is an Environmental Expert specialized in Environmental and Resource Management. He has been teaching, conducting research and consultancy for almost 9 years now. Dr. Muhondwa’s expertise and research interests feature in many Environmental aspects including: Environmental analytics, monitoring, Protection, and Quality in Analytical Laboratories. Since then, Dr. Muhondwa has been teaching various courses including: Soil Pollution and Remediation, Soil Conservation and Management, Environmental Statistics, Laboratory Management and Safety, Research Methodology, Technical Report Writing to both undergraduate and postgraduate students and supervised several empirical research, dissertations and thesis in the fields of environmental technology and management including: solid waste management, Soil Pollution and site remediation, water and wastewater analysis and biogas generation and optimization. So far, Dr. Muhondwa has published several research findings in various local and international journals.

Selected publications

J.P. Muhondwa, Martienssen, M, Burkhardt, M (2017). Passive Solar Heating: a smart way to hygienize pathogens contaminated biowaste for safer biotreatment, environment and general public (manuscript submitted)

J.P. Muhondwa, Martienssen, M, Burkhardt, (2015).  Feasibility of Anaerobic Digestion of Potato peels for Biogas as Potential Mitigation to Greenhouse gas Emission. International Journal of Environtal Research., 9(2):481-488

J.P. Muhondwa, Martienssen, M, Burkhardt, M (2015). Effect of High moisture content on Pathogens Hygienization Potential of In-vessel Composting Technology during Biowaste Composting. International Journal of Current Research 7(4) 15042-15048

What will you remember most of your time at BTU Cottbus and in the PhD Programme ERM?

Our Wednesday regular PhD Research seminars (17:30Uhr) with Prof. Dr. M. Wanner, and many constructive criticism from my supervisor Prof. M. Martienssen

What advice to you have for prospective PhD candidates at BTU Cottbus?

Make use and attend the regular Research Seminars as they are really constructive especially in the area of scientific working and latest development in environmental research.

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