Electrical and thermal energy systems

Chair of Energy Distribution and High Voltage Engineering

  • Optical measurement of high voltages and currents
  • Pilot plant for EMC testing of large systems (locomotive)
  • Auxiliary networks for power plants
  • Grid integration of decentralised power feeds

Chair of Decentralised Energy Systems

  • Control and regulation concepts for the technical and organisational integration of micro grids in network operation management
  • Provision of system services through decentralised energy systems
  • Inclusion of decentralised energy systems in a higher-level active and reactive power management system
  • Modelling and simulation of renewable energy power plants
  • Contribution of storage technologies to the provision of reserve capacity

Chair of Energy Management

  • Production and investment planning in competitive energy markets
  • Industrial Energy Management
  • Energy and environmental policy
  • Development and application of model-based approaches for decision support.

Chair of Power Electronics and Drive Systems

  • Permanently excited axial flux machine with high power density
  • Complex multi-motor drive system
  • Control processes for matrix inverters
  • High-efficiency emergency generators.

Chair of Control systems and Control Technology

  • Traditional control technology for power plant systems
  • Use of process control systems in power plant units
  • and especially for large high-pressure gas distribution grids:
    Simulation, status assessment, control, leak surveillance, capacity calculation.

Chair of Power Station Technology

  • Drying of Coal in Pressurized Steam Fluidized Beds
  • Investigation of pulverised coal burners
  • Heat from domestic biomass
  • Pressure electrolysis for hydrogen production
  • Energy storage concepts in the context of conventional, flexible power plants and the use of surplus energy from PV and wind energy plants
  • System services and energy storage by means of large batteries for the stabilisation of grids with high RES contents

Hybrid power plants for decentralised use for the storage of surplus energy from renewable energy sources

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