Institutes and Chairs

Institute of Health

Chair ofConduct
Educational psychology in health professions Prof. Dr. phil. Ludwig Bilz
Educational sciences and vocational education in health professions Prof. Dr. Heidrun Herzberg
Health sciences Prof. Dr. PH Jacob Spallek MSc.
Nursing science and clinical care Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. cur. Juliane Eichhorn
Nursing science and nursing education Prof. Dr. phil. Anja Walter
Therapy sciences (I) Prof. Dr. Christian Kopkow
Therapy sciences (II) Univ.-Prof. Dr. habil. Sven Michel

Institute of Instrumental and Singing Pedagogy

Chair ofConduct
Music pedagogy Prof. Dr. phil. Katharina Bradler
Piano / piano didacticsProf. Wolfgang Glemser
Singing / vocal didactics Prof. Simone Schröder
Violin / violin didactics Prof. Dr. phil. Bert Greiner
Field of studyConduct
Akkordeon Master Of Music Toni Leuschner
Gitarre Diplom Musikpädagoge , Master of Music Bernhard Dolch
Holzbläser Honorarprofessorin Susanne Ehrhardt
Musiktheorie Dr. Stephan Lewandowski
Popularmusik Diplom Musikpädagoge Andreas Behringer

Institute of Social Work

Chair ofConduct
Education sciences Prof Dr. paed. Burkhard Bierhoff
Healing and rehabilitation pedagogy Prof. Dr. paed. Marina Ney
Management in health and social organisations Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Sylvia Sacco
Methods and theories of social work Prof. Dr. phil. Heike Radvan
Political relationships within social work Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Norbert Pütter
Psychology Prof. Dr. phil. Ulrich Paetzold
Psychology, rehabilitation Prof. Dr. phil. Hans-Peter Michels
Social psychiatry Prof. Dr. med. Annemarie Jost
Social services for structural weak regions Prof. Dr. disc. pol. Alexandra Retkowski
Social work Prof. Dr. habil. Kirstin Bromberg
Sociology for Social Work Prof. Dr. Birgit Behrensen
Theories and methods of social work practice Prof. Dr. phil. Stefanie Sauer

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