Publications 1998 and before


  • 98_07
    The optical design of a PGM for the Undulator U49/2 at BESSY II
    D. R. Batchelor, R. Follath, D. Schmeißer
    BESSY anual report 1997, pp. 517-519, ISSN 0179-4159
  • 98_06
    Na interaction with relaxed WO3 thin films
    Th. Heller, O. Böhme, D. Tonti, A. Klein, W. Jaegermann, D. Schmeißer
    BESSY anual report 1997, pp. 421-422, ISSN 0179-4159
  • 98_05
    NEXAFS-Spectroscopy of Differently Doped Polypyrroles
    G. Appel, O. Böhme, D. Schmeißer
    BESSY anual report 1997, pp. 253-254, ISSN 0179-4159
  • 98_04
    PEEM-investigations on cleaved MoTe2-surfaces
    P. Hoffmann, R. P. Mikalo, O. Böhme, D. Schmeißer
    BESSY anual report 1997, pp. 484-485 / ISSN 0179-4159
  • 98_03
    Doping inhomogenities in Polypyrrole films: a Photoemission Electron Microscope (PEEM) and Spectro-Microscopic Study
    R. P. Mikalo, P. Hoffmann, O. Böhme, D. Schmeißer
    BESSY anual report 1997, pp. 482-483, ISSN 0179-4159
  • 98_02
    Electronic and magnetic properties of polypyrrole films depending on their 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional microstructures
    H. Naarmann, D. Schmeißer, A. Bartl, L. Dunsch, W. Göpel
    Synthetic Metals 93/1 (1998) 43-58, ISSN 0379-6779
    Online (DOI)
  • 98_01
    Lateral doping inhomogeneities as revealed by µ-NEXAFS and µ-PESR.
    P. Mikalo, P. Hoffmann, Th. Heller, D. Schmeißer
    Solid State Phenomena 63/4 (1998) 317-325
    Online (DOI)


  • 97_01
    X-ray photoemission and Auger electron spectroscopy analysis of fast responding activated metal oxide silicon carbide gas sensors
    A. Lloyd Spetz, D. Schmeißer, A. Baranzahi, B. Wälivaare, W. Göpel, I. Lundström
    Thin Solid Films 299/1-2 (1997) 183-189
    Online (DOI)


  • 96_01
    Highly conductive polypyrrole films on nonconductive substrates
    G. Appel, A. Yfantis, W. Göpel, D. Schmeißer
    Synthetic Metals 83/3 (1996) 197-200
    Online (DOI)

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