Publications 1999

  • 99_12
    Polarons in oxidic semiconductors - the SrTiO3 case
    Th. Heller, O. Böhme, D. Schmeißer
    BESSY anual report 1998, pp. 289-290, ISSN 0179-4159
  • 99_11
    Determination of the Vacuum Level in NEXAFS-spectra by Selected-Yield-NEXAFS
    R.P. Mikalo, G. Appel, P. Hoffmann, D. Schmeißer
    BESSY anual report 1998, pp. 255 - 257, ISSN 0179-4159
  • 99_10
    The BTU Cottbus Beamline at BESSY II
    D.R. Batchelor, R. Follath (BESSY II), D. Schmeißer
    Forum der Forschung 8 (1999) 66-69, ISSN 0947-6989
  • 99_09
    Photoemissionselektronenmikroskopie - Ein Instrument für die Materialforschung
    P. Hoffmann, R. P. Mikalo, D. Schmeißer
    Forum der Forschung 8 (1999) 61-65, ISSN 0947-6989
  • 99_08
    P. Hoffmann, R. P. Mikalo, D. Schmeißer
    Vakuum in Forschung und Praxis 11-1 (1999) 37-41
    Online (DOI)
  • 99_07
    The polaron and bipolaron contributions to the electronic structure of polypyrrole films
    G. Appel, O. Böhme, R.P. Mikalo, D. Schmeißer
    Chemical Physics Letters 313/3-4 (1999) 411-415
    Online (DOI)
  • 99_06
    Dipole moment of nanoparticles at interfaces
    D. Schmeißer, O. Böhme, A. Yfantis, Th. Heller, D.R. Batchelor, I. Lundstrom, A. Lloyd Spetz
    Physical Review Letters 83/2 (1999) 380-383
    Online (DOI)
  • 99_05
    A spectro-microscopic approach to study the morphology and elemental distribution of mc-Si surfaces
    P. Hoffmann, R. P. Mikalo, D. Schmeißer, M. Kittler
    Physica Status Solidi B 215/1 (1999) 743-749
    Online (DOI)
  • 99_04
    Increased sensor sensitivities obtained by polymer coated quartz microbalances
    A. Oprea, K. Henkel, R. Oehmgen, G. Appel, D. Schmeißer, H. Lauer, P. Hausmann
    Materials Science and Engineering C 8-9 (1999) 509-512
    Online (DOI)
  • 99_03
    Doping and defect inhomogeneities of polypyrrole tosylate films as revealed by µ-NEXAFS
    R. P. Mikalo, P. Hoffmann, Th. Heller, D. R. Batchelor, G. Appel, D. Schmeißer
    Materials Science and Engineering C 8-9 (1999) 257-265
    Online (DOI)
  • 99_02
    Polypyrrole doped with fluoro-metal complexes: thermal stability and structural properties
    A. Yfantis, G. Appel, D. Schmeißer, D. Yfantis
    Synthetic Metals 106/3 (1999) 187-195
    Online (DOI)
  • 99_01
    The formation of oligomers in the electrolyte upon polymerization of pyrrole
    G. Appel, D. Schmeißer, J. Bauer, M. Bauer, H. J. Egelhaaf, D. Oelkrug
    Synthetic Metals 99/1 (1999) 69-77, ISSN 0379-6779
    Online (DOI)

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