Publications 2002

  • 02_25
    New chrome free, environmentally friendly methods in chemical processes
    D. Yfantis, A. Yfantis, B. Tzalas, S. Lambrakopoulos, E. Anagnostaki, N. Yfantis, D. Schmeißer
    Environmental Science & Pollution Research, Special Issue 3 (2002) 121
  • 02_24
    A study of anticorrosive conversion coatings based on conductive polymers of pyrrole
    D. Yfantis, N. Bourdas, N. Yfantis, A. Yfantis, St. Lambrakopoulos, I. Paloumpa, D. Schmeißer
    19th Panhellenic Conference of Chemistry, 6-10 November 2002, Crete, Greece
    Proceedings pp 716-719 (griechisch, abstract english)
  • 02_23
    Synchrotron-induced photoemission of GaAs electrodes after electrochemical treatment in aqueous electrolytes
    M. Beerbom, Th. Mayer, W. Jaegermann, D.R. Batchelor, D. Schmeißer
    Journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 374/4 (2002) 650-653
    Online (DOI)
  • 02_22
    A vibrational study of the adsorption of glycine on clean and Na modified Si (100)-2x1 surfaces
    A. Lopez, T. Heller, T. Bitzer, N.V. Richardson
    Chemical Physics 277/1 (2002) 1-8
    Online (DOI)
  • 02_21
    Method of chemical deposition of compose conductive polymer coatings on aluminium alloy surfaces
    A.Yfantis, D. Schmeißer
    Patent Nr.: 100 37 63
  • 02_20
    XAS investigation of texture development in TiO2 thin films prepared by IBICVD
    F. Gracia, A.I. Martin-Concepcion, A. Barranco, J.P. Holgado, J.P. Espinos, F. Yubero, D.R. Batchelor, D. Schmeißer, A.R. Gonzales-Elipe
    BESSY annual report 2001, pp. 176-178
  • 02_19
    Copper Satellite Structure in Porphyrazine Compounds
    D. Pop, B. Winter, D.R. Batchelor, W. Freyer, R. Weber, D. Bröcker, I.V. Hertel, D. Schmeißer, W. Widdra
    BESSY annual report 2001, pp. 121-123
  • 02_18
    High Resolution Photoelectron Spectroscopy on SiC Surfaces
    Th. Seyller, N. Sieber, R. Graupner, L. Ley, D. James, J. Riley, R. Leckey, M. Polick, D. Schmeißer   
    BESSY annual report 2001, pp. 116-118
  • 02_17
    Characterisation of the PrOx/Si(001) Interface by Photoelectron Spectroscopy
    D. Schmeißer, P. Hoffmann
    BESSY annual report 2001, pp. 164-165
  • 02_16
    The Pr2O3/Si(001) interface: a mixed Si-Pr oxide
    D. Schmeißer, P. Hoffmann, H.-J. Müssig
    BESSY annual report 2001, pp. 171-173
  • 02_15
    Focus IS-PEEM investigations at U49/II: experimental determination of a magnification function, the contrast mechanism and the spectral resolution
    B. Jäckel, A. Thißen, R. Hunger, A. Klein, W. Jaegermann, P. Hoffmann, D. Schmeißer
    BESSY annual report 2001, pp. 287-288
  • 02_14
    Photoemission study of Aluminium Steel cold welded joints
    D.R. Batchelor, P. Hoffmann, D. Schmeißer
    BESSY annual report 2001, pp. 273-274
  • 02_13
    PEEM and µ-NEXAFS of Cu-In-S-surfaces
    K. Müller, P. Hoffmann, S. Milko, Y. Burkov, D. Schmeißer
    BESSY annual report 2001, pp. 162-163
  • 02_12
    Low-cost-Plot-Technologie für die Mikrostrukturierung von Gassensoren
    K. Müller, K. Henkel, I. Paloumpa, D. Schmeißer
    Dresdner Beiträge zur Sensorik Band 16 (2002) 166-169, w.e.b. Universitätsverlag, Dresden, ISBN 3-935712-71-5
  • 02_11
    Backpropagation-Netzwerke für ein Zweisensorsystem zur Erfassung von Kohlendioxidkonzentrationen und relativer Luftfeuchte
    K. Henkel, P. Hoffmann, D. Schmeißer
    Dresdner Beiträge zur Sensorik Band 16 (2002) 104-107, w.e.b. Universitätsverlag, Dresden, ISBN 3-935712-71-5
  • 02_10
    Sensorsystem zur Unterscheidung von Geruchsmustern in Tierställen
    C. Schwiertz, K. Henkel, I. Paloumpa, D. Schmeißer
    Dresdner Beiträge zur Sensorik Band 16 (2002) 88-91, w.e.b. Universitätsverlag, Dresden, ISBN 3-935712-71-5
  • 02_09
    Elektronik mit organischen Materialien
    K. Müller, K. Henkel, R.P. Mikalo, I. Paloumpa, D. Schmeißer
    Forum der Forschung 13 (2002) 117-121, ISSN 0947-6989
  • 02_08
    Back-propagation based neural network with a two sensor system for monitoring of carbon dioxide and relative humidity
    K. Henkel, D. Schmeißer
    Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 374/2 (2002) 329-337
    Online (DOI)
  • 02_07
    PEEM: A spectromicroscopic tool for mc-Si surface evaluation
    P. Hoffmann, R. P. Mikalo, D. Schmeißer
    Solar Energy Material & Solar Cells 72/1-4 (2002) 517-523
    Online (DOI)
  • 02_06
    Electrochemical Interface Modification of CuInS2 Thin Films
    M. Aggour, U. Störkel, C. Murrell, S.A. Campbell, H. Jungblut, P. Hoffmann, R. Mikalo, D. Schmeißer, H.J. Lewerenz
    Thin Solid Films 403 (2002) 57-61
    Online (DOI)
  • 02_05
    Novel corrosion resistant films for Mg alloys
    A. Yfantis, I. Paloumpa, D. Schmeißer, D. Yfantis
    Surface and Coatings Technology 151 (2002) 400-404
    Online (DOI)
  • 02_04
    Electric contacts on conductive polymers: Sodium on Poly (3-Hexylthiophene-2,5-diyl)
    R. P. Mikalo, D. Schmeißer
    Synthetic Metals 127/1-3 (2002) 273-277
    Online (DOI)
  • 02_03
    Si(001) Surface Oxidation by N2O
    P. Hoffmann, R. P. Mikalo, D. Schmeißer
    Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 303/1 (2002) 6-11
    Online (DOI)
  • 02_02
    Interface engineering of photoelectrochemically prepared Si surfaces
    D. Schmeißer, M. Aggour, H. Jungblut, H. J. Lewerenz, Chr. Murrell, P. Hoffmann, R. P. Mikalo
    Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 303/1 (2002) 1-5
    Online (DOI)
  • 02_01
    Wet-chemical preparation of silicate adlayer reconstructed SiC(0001) surfaces as studied by PES and LEED
    N. Sieber, Th. Seyller, R. Graupner, L. Ley, R. Mikalo, P. Hoffmann, D. Batchelor, D. Schmeißer
    Materials Science Forum 389/3 (2002) 717-720
    Online (DOI)

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