Publications 2020

  • 20_12   
    In-situ near-ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy reveals the influence of photon flux and water on the stability of halide perovskite
    M. Kot, L. Kegelmann, H. Köbler, M. Vorokhta, C. Escudero, P. Kúš, B. Šmíd, M. Tallarida, S. Albrecht, A. Abate, I. Matolínová, D. Schmeißer, J. I. Flege
    ChemSusChem 13 (2020) 5722-5730
    Online (DOI)
  • 20_10 
    Atomic Layer-Deposited Aluminum Oxide Hinders Iodide Migration and Stabilizes Perovskite Solar Cells
    C. Das, M. Kot, T. Hellmann, C. Wittich, E. Mankel, I. Zimmermann, D. Schmeisser, M. K. Nazeeruddin, W. Jaegermann
    Cell Reports Physical Science 1 (2020) 100112
    Online (DOI)
    Selected for »Photovoltaics — Fall 2020«
  • 20_05
    Thermal stability of CH3NH3PbIxCl3-x versus [HC(NH2)2]0.83Cs0.17PbI2.7Br0.3 perovskite films by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy  
    M. Kot, M. Vorokhta, Z. Wang, H. J. Snaith, D. Schmeißer, J. I. Flege
    Applied Surface Science 513 (2020) 145596
    Online (DOI)
    Free access until April, 10th, 2020
  • 20_04
    Self-Powered Human-Health Monitoring through Aligned PVDF Nanofibers Interfaced Skin-Interactive Piezoelectric Sensor
    K. Maity, S. Garain, K. Henkel, D. Schmeißer, D. Mandal
    ACS Applied Polymer Materials 2 (2020) 862-878
    Online (DOI)
  • 20_02

    Low-temperature growth of gallium oxide thin films by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition
    A. Mahmoodinezhad, C. Janowitz, F. Naumann, P. Plate, H. Gargouri, K. Henkel, D. Schmeißer, J. I. Flege    
    Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A 38 (2020) 022404
    Online (DOI)
    selected as Editor's Pick
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