Laboratory and measuring technique

The technical equipment of our chair

Undulator- Beam line U49/2- PGM2 at BESSY 2 Details

UHV-Spectro-microscopydraft of the system

  • XPS/UPS Details
  • PEEM (Photo Emission Electronen Microscopy) Details
  • NEXAFS-Spectroscopy chamber for ulra-heigh vacuum (UHV)
  • Combined AFM-STM (Omicron) for measurements in UHV


  • FTIR (Fourier Transform Infraret Spectrometer) FTS 60B (Bio Rad) Details


  • Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) Details
  • Interference Microscope Epival Interphako (Carl Zeiss) Details
  • Reflected-Light Microscope Epityp (Carl Zeiss) Details
  • MicroViewer (Kappa) (Video Microscope 1000 times Magnification)

Layer Deposition and Surface Treatment

  • ALD: (in-situ)2
  • CVD of SiC Layers Details
  • Surface Treatment of Si Layers Details
  • Glove-Box for the Fabrication of Organic Layers in oxygen free atmosphere Details


  • Flow Reactor (atmospheric pressure) for the Methanisation of CO2 (Sabatier-Reaction)


  • Sensor Test Station Details
  • Deposition Equipment for Sensors (Airbrush, Spin Coating, Plotting) Details
  • Set-up for IV Measurements on Sensor Layers

Electrical Characterization

  • Oscilloscop HP 54616 (500 MHz, 2 Gsa/s, single shot)
  • Generators, Frequency Counter, Multimeter, Power Supplies (HP, Hameg, Keithley, Prema)
  • LCR-Meter Agilent 4284A, LCR-817 (instek)
  • Network Analyzer Agilent E5100A
  • CV Set-Up, IV Set-up

Further Equipment

  • Pyrometer (Temperature Recording ) Modline plus icron 400-1200°C
  • Thickness Measurement System Talystep (Rank Taylor Hobson) Details

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