Press review - News on sustainable mobility in Lusatia

Two articles published on current developments from mFund funding programs

After the excavators: digital mobility solutions for structural change in lignite regions - an overview of innovative and forward-looking data-driven mobility alternatives. (by Kirsten Lange)

Including our project for the promotion of sustainable tourism mobility in Lusatia MoVeToLausitz:

"The project partners* in the mFUND project MoVeToLausitz (mobility support by means of data-based traffic guidance for tourist mobility in Lusatia), in turn, want to make mobility in the entire region more climate-friendly and (economically) sustainable and thus increase the attractiveness of Lusatia for locals and tourists alike. [...] For this reason, the researchers want to examine, among other things, the extent to which it is possible to implement data-supported guidance of car traffic, for example to parking lots: from there, shuttles could continue their journey. The researchers want to develop business models for flexible mobility services in Lusatia that complement public transportation, put a mobility platform online with information for residents and tourists, and publish a guide for other tourism regions in Germany."

BTU Cottbus researches - excursion destinations can also be reached by bus and train? (by Jan Siegel)

To the article of the Lausitzer Rundschau (online).

" [...] Those who miss the bus can often only hope for a cab to the next station with a lot of luck. Yet it is precisely the expansion of tourism that is still considered one of the most important fields of development in the structural transformation of Lusatia. "However, tourists and even locals have so far found hardly any acceptable alternatives to the private car and also hardly any information on alternative mobility options," says Christin Hoffmann, Head of the Department of Decarbonization and Transformation of Industry at the Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) Cottbus-Senftenberg. With a doctorate in economics, she and mathematician and BTU professor Ekkehard Köhler are one of the brains behind the remarkable "MoVeToLausitz" project."


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