PhD candidates under first supervision

NameFirst NameWorking Title
AnglJudithOttoman Heritage Narratives in North Macedonia and Greece
AmroHuda FarisUrbanised Refugee Camps „Camp Cities“: Refugee Heritage
BlessingAwoyoAfrican Student Associations in Brandenburg: A Comparative Analysis
FingarovaJanaMigrant Families’ Strategies of Social Protection between Formal Opportunity Structures and Informal Agency. A Case Study of Bulgarian Migration to Germany (degree awarded)
KartashovaEvgeniyaTraumatic Past in the Ex-Socialist Countries: Comparative Analyses of the Former KGB Prisons Turned Museums in Latvia, Lithuania and Russia
KrügerHannaSpatial Inequalities among Refugees in the European Union
MarusczykOliver(Re-)locating Antisemitism. Zur Stellung des Antisemitismus in der Rassismus-, Ethnizitäts- und und Nationalismusforschung
RadoliLydiaAnalysis of Migration and Development Discourse in Transnational Digital Media: Case of Kenyan Migration to Europe (degree awarded)
SabauriMarineTransnationale Genderbeziehungen und Sexualität in den gegenwärtigen Migrationsfilmen
SchäferJanaOn the Discursivity and Materiality of Sexualized Violence in Germany
SheppentalAlisaIntersektionale Perspektiven auf die Citizenship-Problematik
ShiraziHosseinTransnationale Migration zwischen Afghanistan und Iran – Eine qualitative Untersuchung im Kontext sozialer Ungleichheit
Habilitation   Name    First Name     Arbeitstitel
RohdeCaterinaEmploying the performativity concept in migration studies