Research Projects

Quantum-Mechanical Modeling of Cognitive Agents (2017–today)

Universal Cognitive User Interface (UCUI, 2015–2018)

Unified Approach to Signal Synthesis and Recognition (UASR, 2000–today)

Miniaturized System for Intelligent Signal Processing (MiSIS, 2014–2016)

Open Source Projects

FockBox: A Fock space toolbox for computational cognition

dLabPro: A signal processing and acoustic pattern recognition toolbox.
GitHub, Manual, KT Wiki

UASR: Unified Approach to Signal Synthesis and Recognition.
GitHub, Manual, KT Wiki

jLab: Java components and visualization for dLabPro and UASR.

dLabPro Plug-in: An Eclipse plug-in for dLabPro and UASR.
GitHub, Update site, KT Wiki

CSL: BTU Cognitive Systems Lab room control software.

LCARS Widget Toolkit: The LCARS widget toolkit supplies a pure Java API for programming graphical user interfaces in the Star Trek(TM) LCARS look and feel. It is based on the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) and, partially, on the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT).
GitHub, Binary release (Sourceforge), KT Wiki

DRAKON Widget Toolkit: Very lightweight SWT-based widget toolkit for displaying simple DRAKON charts.

tikz-3dplot-circleofsphere: Drawing circles of a sphere with tikz-3dplot

tikz-quantumgates: Drawing quantum circuits with TikZ

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