Main focus

Within the scope of the research area dynamic structure diagnosis, the chair offers support for the following areas of practical structural design and structural diagnosis:

  • Determination of real actions and structural responses
  • Identification of the parameters relevant for the load-bearing behaviour, primarily stiffnesses, of structures and connections on the basis of experimental modal analysis and alignment of theoretical calculations with measurement results
  • Identification of global and local damages and investigation of their influence on the overall load bearing behaviour
  • Development of constructive improvements for dynamically stressed structures
  • Estimation of the dynamic structural behaviour in case of changes in use
  • Permanent monitoring of structures

The following projects, among others, were carried out by the chair

Tower-like buildings

  • Lattice towers
  • (vortex-induced transverse vibration on individual bars)
  • Television and telecommunication towers (vibration behaviour of high tower-like structures, experimental modal analysis)
  • Bell towers (dynamic loads as a result of the development of a new ringing system, proposed retrofitting)
  • Cooling towers (system identification, stiffness measurement)

Road bridges, especially in the area of roadway transitions

(effect of local vibrations on the system behaviour)

Historic roof trusses

(Influence of the compliance of historical lanyards on the load-bearing behaviour)

Industrial ceilings and industrial plants (pumping stations, steel platforms)

(Determination of static equivalent loads for impact and periodic loads)

Residential buildings

(Influence of traffic loads on load-bearing components in building construction)

The investigations are carried out according to scientific aspects as well as in accordance with the requirements of valid standards and prepared as expert reports. If necessary, suggestions for design modifications, e.g. as a result of inadmissible dynamic structural responses, are included in the considerations.