Miriam Bui

Miriam Bui first studied Japanese studies and political science at the University of Leipzig and then decided to study ecology and environmental planning for a bachelor's and master's degree at the Technical University of Berlin. Both at university and in various research projects, she focused on urban biodiversity research, science-policy interfaces, sustainability research and environmental policy.

 "For me, thinking technology and the environment together from a sociological perspective means questioning the context in which the separation of the two took place, which historically evolved power structures maintain this worldview and what alternatives are waiting for us."

Current research interests include:

  •      Human-nature relationships in the context of experiences of marginalization
  •      Anti-oppressive, decolonial perspectives on ecological research and teaching
  •      queer ecology
  •      Planetary Health

Current courses

Winter semester 2022/23:

     13710 - BTU4Future - Transdisciplinary module for climate protection and sustainable development


Erich-Weinert-Strasse 1 (LG 10, Room 239)


Consultation hours: Please arrange an appointment by e-mail