You will find literature recommendations of the chair’s staff members below. The book covers are linked to the publishers’ websites—feel free to click on them if you are interested.

Gardens and Human Agency in the Anthropocene

Schwarz, Astrid. 2019. ‘From “Homo Faber” to “Homo Hortensis”: Gardening Techniques in the Anthropocene’
In: Gardens and Human Agency in the Anthropocene, Series: ‘Routledge Environmental Humanities’, edited by Maria Paula Diogo, Ana Duarte Rodrigues, Ana Simões und Davide Scarso, Chapter 6.

Vollendete Tatsachen

Cheryce von Xylander. 2019 (to be released). Vollendete Tatsachen. Vom endgültig Vorläufigen und vorläufig Endgültigen in der Wissenschaft.
Series: „Science Studies“, published by Alfred Nordmann.

23 Manifeste zu Bildakt und Verkörperung

von Xylander, Cheryce. 2018. ‘Gemüt’
In: 23 Manifeste zu Bildakt und Verkörperung, Series: ‘Image Word Action’, published by Marion Lauschke and Pablo Schneider, 77-88.
Berlin et al.: De Gruyter.

Digital Materialism. Origins, Philosophies, Prospects

Baruch Gottlieb. 2018. Digital Materialism. Origins, Philosophies, Prospects.
Series: ‘Digital Activism and Society. Politics, Economy and Culture in Network Communication’.
Emerald Publishing Limited.

Johann Friedrich Blumenbach. Contributi alla storia naturale

Blumenbach, Johann Friedrich. 2018. Contributi alla storia naturale.
Published by Mario Marino. With a preface by Giulio Barsanti.

Science & Technology Studies. Special Issue: Numbering, Numbers and After Numbers

2018. Science & Technology Studies. Special Issue: Numbering, Numbers and After Numbers.
Edited by Ingmar Lippert und Helen Verran.
European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) and Finnish Association for Science and Technology Studies (FSTS).

Unterwachen und Schlafen. Anthropophile Medien nach dem Interface

Alpsancar, Suzana. 2018. ‘Wer handelt mit unsichtbaren Schnittstellen? Hubig und Latour zu Autonomie und Agency’
In: Unterwachen und Schlafen. Anthropophile Medien nach dem Interface,
published by Michael Andreas, Dawid Kasprowicz and Stefan Rieger, 105-132.
Lüneburg: Meson.

Aesthetics of Universal Knowledge

von Xylander, Cheryce. 2017. ‘Pictorialism (Prelude and Fugue)’
In: Aesthetics of Universal Knowledge,
published by Simon Schaffer, John Tresch and Pasquale Gagliardi, 77-113.
Cham: Springer.

Research Objects in their Technological Setting

2017. Research Objects in their Technological Setting.
Published by Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent, Sacha Loeve, Alfred Nordmann and Astrid Schwarz. Series: ‘History and Philosophy of Technoscience’, published by Alfred Nordmann.
London, New York: Routledge.

Sprache und Literatur

Gramelsberger, Gabriele and Alpsancar, Suzana. 2017. ‘3D-Drucken als neuer technischer Weltbezug? Semiotisierung des Materialen und soziale Utopien der additiven Herstellung aus philosophischer Perspektive’
Sprache und Literatur 115-116, no. 46, 2015. Themenheft 3D-Druck,
published by Christoph Ernst, Till A. Heilmann, Thomas Hensel and Jens Schröter, 52-84.

A Political Economy of the Smallest Things

Baruch Gottlieb. 2016. A Political Economy of the Smalles Things. The Materiality of Images at the Nano-scale.
Atropos Press.

Geoforum. Themed Issue: Environmental Management as Situated Practice

2015. Geoforum. Themed Issue: Environmental Management as Situated Practice.
Edited by Ingmar Lippert, Franz Krause und Niklas Hartmann.

Revising Green Infrastructure. Concepts Between Nature and Design

2015. Revising Green Infrastructure. Concepts Between Nature and Design. Published by Daniel Czechowski, Thomas Hauck and Georg Hausladen. Abingdon: Taylor & Francis.

Experiments in Practice

Astrid Schwarz. 2014. Experiments in Practice.
Series: ‘History and Philosophy of Technoscience’, published by Alfred Nordmann.
London, New York: Routledge.

Wandel von Autonomie und Kontrolle durch neue Mensch-Technik-Interaktionen. Grundsatzfragen autonomieorientierter Mensch-Technik-Verhältnisse

2014. Wandel von Autonomie und Kontrolle durch neue Mensch-Technik-Interaktionen: Grundsatzfragen autonomieorientierter Mensch-Technik-Verhältnisse.
Published by Bruno Gransche, Erduana Shala, Christoph Hubig, Suzana Alpsancar, Sebastian Harrach.
Karlsruhe: Fraunhofer ISI.

Das Ding namens Computer. Eine kritische Neulektüre von Vilém Flusser und Mark Weiser

Alpsancar, Suzana. 2012. Das Ding namens Computer: Eine kritische Neulektüre von Vilém Flusser und Mark Weiser.
Series: ‘Edition Moderne Postmoderne’

Ecology Revisited

2011. Ecology Revisited: Reflecting on Concepts, Advancing Science.
Published by Astrid Schwarz und Kurt Jax.
Dordrecht et al.: Springer.


Schwarz, Astrid and Nordmann, Alfred. 2011. ‘„Hier bin ich Mensch, hier darf ich’s sein“: Partaking in the Nanoworld’
In: NanoEthics: Studies of New and Emerging Technologies,
published by Laura Cabrera, Mario Kaiser, Colin Milburn, John Wecker and Fern Dickson.

Raumprobleme. Philosophische Perspektiven

2011. Raumprobleme: Philosophische Perspektiven.
Published by Suzana Alpsancar, Petra Gehring and Marc Rölli.
Verlag Wilhelm Fink.

Science Transformed?

2011. Science Transformed? Debating Claims of an Epochal Break.
Published by Alfred Nordmann, Hans Radder and Gregor Schiemann.
Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh University Press.

Science in the Context of Application

Schwarz, Astrid und Nordmann, Alfred. 2010. ‘The political economy of technoscience’
In: Science in the Context of Application: Methodological Change, Conceptual Transformation, Cultural Reorientation,
published by Martin Carrier and Alfred Nordmann, 317-336.
Dordrecht: Springer.


Krewani, Angela and Schwarz, Astrid. 2010. ‘Images of “True Nature”: An Introduction’ and
Schwarz, Astrid. 2010. ‘Rising above the Horizon: Visual and Conceptual Modulation of Space and Place’
AugenBlick. Marburger Hefte zur Medienwissenschaft 45: 4-8, 36-61.,

Das bunte Gewand der Theorie

2009. Das bunte Gewand der Theorie: Vierzehn Begegnungen mit philosophierenden Forschern.
Published by Astrid Schwarz and Alfred Nordmann.
Verlag Karl Alber.

Gratitude for Technology

Baruch Gottlieb. 2009. Gratitute for Technology.
Emerald Publishing Limited.

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