Visiting in SoSe2018

Dr. Baruch Gottlieb

This semester, Dr. Baruch Gottlieb is offering a seminar called Specul-active (Data) Modelling (510161) at the BTU.  Baruch Gottlieb works as an electronic media artist, author and curator. He was trained as a film maker at Concordia University in Montreal, and currently works in Berlin at the UdK and in the Hague at West Den Haag.  He is member of the Telekommunisten arts collective the laboratoire deberlinisation and the Arts & Economics Group.  This seminar will deal with theoretical and practical aspects of digital simulation.   We will be looking at the way simulations function epistemically and heuristically in technical and scientific contexts and in the general public.   As projects we will work out speculative new models which can serve the arguments we want to make . Together it will be determined to what extent the seminar will be held in English or German.

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Jens Soentgen

Jens Soentgen is a philosopher and chemist, serving as academic director of the Environmental Science Center at University of Augsburg. Since 2016 he is also Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at Memorial University in St. John’s, Canada. Since 2012 he co-edits the journal GAIA Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society. Soentgen published widely on environmental philosophy, the history and theory of chemistry as well as on the specifics of individual materials, both for the scientific community and for general readers. Among his price-winning books are Von den Sternen bis zum Tau (From stars to dew), 2011, and Wie man mit dem Feuer philosophiert (How to philosophize with fire), 2014. Upcoming are the volumes Ökologie der Angst (Ecology of fear) and Konfliktstoffe (matters of conflict). In his work he combines the expertise of the chemist, experimenter and thinker with connoisseurship of even remote areas of the cultural and intellectual history of alchemy and the philosophy of materials both in the industrialized north and in the global south.

Chunglin Kwa

Dr. Chunglin Kwa is a Lecturer and Researcher at the University of Amsterdam. He was Faculty Fellow at Harvard University, 1999–2000. His work has focused on the history of ecology, and on the general history of science. Kwa is the author of Styles of Knowing: A History of Science from Ancient Times to the Present (Pittsburgh, 2011), and most recently of an article about landscapes in Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences (2018/2).

Ulrich Petschow

Ulrich Petschow is an economist and head of the research field of environmental economics and environmental policy at the Institute for Ecological Economic Research, Berlin. Current highlights of his work are innovation and transformation with a special focus to new approaches towards production and consumption, the analysis of new technologies (nanotechnologies, bionics) and production patterns (e.g. 3D printing and decentralized production) and the challenges of transdisciplinary research approaches.