The Chair of Economic and Industrial Sociology at the BTU Cottbus represents sociology as a core social science subject

  • in business management courses (Bachelor / Master),
  • in the international courses Environmental and Resource Management and World Heritage Studies (both Masters),
  • in the culture and technology course (Bachelor) and
  • in interdisciplinary studies (FÜS).

Because of this diverse integration, it is important to convey sociology in an interdisciplinary way. For this purpose, it is advisable to refer to the respective field-specific practical areas for which the courses qualify in teaching.

The interdisciplinary orientation of the courses to be provided means that the sociological study parts offered by the chair are often particularly text-intensive in comparison to the offers of the other disciplines involved and offer the students the opportunity to write longer academic texts themselves. In this respect, special attention is paid to the training in academic writing in some of the modules to be taken responsibility.