Lecture: Modelling, Editing and Visualizing 3D Objects


Module Description

Participants will learn how to model, manipulate, and render3D objects. One of the primary goals of computer graphics is the create images from mathematical descriptions of 3D scenes. The more realistic the images are to be, the more complex the description of scene must be.

This module presents an thorough look at the creations, representation, manipulation, and rendering of complex, three-dimensional objects as well as three-dimensional scenes. At the end of the semester, participants should be able to use standard software to independently model and manage realistic three-dimensional scenes.

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Target Groups

  • Informatics (B.Sc., Komplex „Praktische Informatik")
  • IMT (M.Sc., Komplex „Kommunikations- und Medien-Technologien")
  • Kultur und Technik (B.A., Komplex „Technik- und Ingenieurwissenschaften" Bereich Informatik)
  • Kultur und Technik (Master)