Seminar: Facial Animation


Module Description

Participants are required to learn a new, complex field of knowledge within "Praktische Informatik" based on scientific literature. They should be able to present the results in both written and oral form.


Communication is a central aspect of human life. We communicate with words, images, body posture, gestures, and facial expressions. Of these the modes of communication, the face is perhaps the most flexible and powerful. Through the many deformations and motions of the face we can convey a wide range of information, such as emotion, identity, relationship, sex, or general state of health. The deformations can be extremely subtle and highly complex. This makes the recognition one of the most difficult tasks that the human perceptual systems are capable of succesfully accomplishing. This in turn means that the computer generation of faces and facial motions must meet very high standards. This seminar should provide some initial insights into the computer-based synthesis of facial expressions and facial animations.

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Target Group

  • Informatik (Master; Komplex „Praktische Informatik")
  • IMT (Master; Seminar)
  • eBusiness (Master)


  • Park & Waters (2008) Computer Facial Animation. AK Peters


Knowledge of the following modules

  • 11-1-12: Mathematics IT-1 (Discrete Mathematics),
  • 11-1-13: Mathematics IT-2 (Linear Algebra), und
  • 12-3-11: Fundamentals of Computer Graphics